Katherine Frelon

My passion is in creating beautiful food and sharing it with others. I have a reputation as a successful chef and regularly travel between the UK, France, and US to work with my clients.

I thrive on the buzz of being creative, meeting the challenges of cooking
wonderful food for large numbers of guests, in amazing venues with really exciting themes!

“An artist at work, precise and attentive to the smallest detail”

I share my passion for cooking all over the globe, so if you love food and wine you will definitely love my bespoke private gourmet days that can be hosted in the comfort of your own home or you can take a vacation experience at La Ferme de la Lochere, situated in the heart of beautiful Burgundy! Let me make a bespoke vacation just for you or you can enjoy the whole property as a simple self catering experience.

You will leave with the same passion for colour, smell and taste that I found when I walked into my first market and that inspired me to cook

fresh produce


Fresh, fragrant, local and seasonal is the key to inspiring dishes and happy faces.

It’s the reason why I cook!

The soft skins of the first courgettes, zucchini shredded into ribbons and served with fresh dill fronds and viola flowers all from the garden or the local market.

Heirloom tomatoes served simply with olive oil and lemon juice or sprinkled with cinnamon basil and swirls of rocket oil with a pinch of salt.

Get creative and and trust your instincts and you can’t go wrong!


culinary experiences

you will never forget

Gourmet vacations in the heart of Burgundy and bespoke cookery lessons in England and the United States

be our guest

Bienvenue à ‘La Ferme de la Lochere.’

Bespoke gourmet vacations or self catering getaways in the heart of Burgundy. Introducing you to the gastronomic secrets of this magical and majestic region. Together with wine experts and local wine producers experience exclusive visits into vineyards of the most prestigious domaines in Burgundy.

Dating back some 400 years La Ferme de la Lochere can now accommodate tailor made vacations throughout the year, offering a variety of experiences from exploring the basics of French cooking to the famous wine auctions at the Hospice de Beaune, bread making with a traditional baker and cooking experiences at Michelin starred restaurants.

La Ferme de la Lochere is also the perfect vacation home for those just wishing to relax with family and friends in a self catering capacity where you can simply book your hostess to cook you dinner or take a wine trip with her wine expert, learn to make an ‘al fresco’ supper or take a boat trip down the Burgundy Canal.



Laura Lipton, London

We simply love this location. It's so beautiful and peaceful. Katherine is an amazing host, and the house is stunning, spacious and well equipped. We visited the local supermarkets and towns and then coming back to use the fabulous kitchen for cooking for the family!

Jennifer Clayton, Manchester

Katherine Frelon's Shop. Eat. Cook is one of the best books I have ever read! I couldn't put the book down, apart from when I was eating the delicious food that I had made. I am looking forward to booking in the Gourmet Experiences course with my friends as we really feel it will benefit us even more hands on and with Katherine.

Damon Segal, London

La Ferme De La Lochere is brilliantly located near the Route de Grand Cru. Day trips are excellent visiting wine destinations like Coté de Beaune and Chateau de Pommard. We have been back many times to visit the Burgundy region, and when we want something a little more city, we can easily pop into Dijon. The house is comfortable and homely, and we love the big open fire.

Mark Fitzgerald, Dublin

My wife and I went to Katherine's French Getaway, We had such a wonderful time! We enjoyed going to the markets and vineyards. we even relaxed drinking wine as part of the wine experience. We went last year and we are looking forward to going again next year, it might even become an annual thing to do for us. Highly recommend, it's so clean and comfy. There's plenty of wide open spaces.

Rachel Thompson, London

Had so much fun doing Katherine's food course! I learned so much being there. Katherine was so helpful and was always there when I needed her. I am so thankful for having such an amazing experience. I am planning on going again but bring my sister next time, she loves to cook just as much as I do and put our cooking skills to the next level.


room with a view

La Ferme de la Lochere farmhouse once belonged to the 12th century Chateau now restored to provide luxury accommodation and professional teaching kitchen in the heart of Burgundy where a patchwork of landscapes, valleys, rivers, canals and vineyards abound

read, create,

be inspired

Shop. Cook. Eat is my first cookbook inspired by a lifetime love of markets, cooking and travel.

I share the story of why I cook, what I love to cook, the essence of my style and how you can achieve it too!

“As you leaf though my collection of favourite dishes, I want you to imagine that you are all actually here with me!”