Poached Oysters

in a delicate champagne and cream sauce that enhances the exquisite flavour of these fresh oysters

You Need

10 fresh No.3 oysters or 5 pp, served on a bed of coarse sea salt to steady the shells
250ml of champagne, leaving enough for a couple of glasses in the bottle
4 egg yolks
250ml cream
2 shallots very finely chopped
White pepper
8 tarragon leaves
1/2 lemon

How to

Chuck the oysters
Over a bowl and a strainer, strain the oysters and pick out any shell – reserve the juice
Scrub the deepest half of the oyster shells and set 5 on each plate in the sea salt
In a large shallow pan pour in the champagne, oyster juice and then the oysters
Gently warm the oysters through, do not let the liquid boil or even, come to a simmer – you should be able to pick then up with your fingers
In a separate pan heat the cream, egg yolks tarragon and shallots
Season with white pepper and a squeeze of lemon
Warm through, constantly turning until the sauce starts to thicken – immediately take of the heat
Spoon the oysters back into their shell and spoon the sauce over and serve