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I’m in Borough Market at The Cookhouse this April 6th and 7th

Love your Market
This months event is .....
'A Vegan Feast' 

Join me in The Cook House at Borough Market April 6th and 7th

The 1st in a series  of events called ‘Love your Market’ the way to discover Borough Market and then cook all the amazing ingredients with me!

Each month I’ll be exploring the diversity of the Borough Market Traders creating inspiring dishes from around the globe. But first I want to give you the low down on my Vegan Feast recipes. Next month its the Med!

I was known as the “scatty chef” in my younger days, but let’s just say I’ve matured into my “eclectic chef” era. I’m Katherine Frelon a freelance chef in London and Oxford, a regular demo chef at London’s Borough Market, and author of the cookbook ‘Shop Cook Eat.’ I love creating food and wine experiences at my French culinary school and I tour the USA as often as I can creating hands-on cookery experiences and fundraising events.

No 1 on my list of desert island must haves!

My passion is creating delicious, colourful food sourced from local traders and artisans in the market. That way I know I’ll get to cook with the freshest ingredients and sharing my knowledge with others brings me the greatest of joy.

So this is why I incredibly proud to present the 1st in a series of hands on cookery classes in the heart of London’s Borough Market.

I can’t wait!!!!

I’m calling it ‘Love your Market’ – a themed series of monthly events that explore all that a Market has to offer and what better way than scoping out our fresh ingredients than from the Mother of all Markets Borough!

Creataed especially for my 1st event at The Cookhouse in Borough Market April 6th and 7th

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the Demo Chef’s Team in the heart of Borough for the past few. It’s such a wonderful experience and I have got to know the traders and artisans so well I wanted to spread the word. It’s so easy to shop at the market and plan your weekly menus’s using the seasons.

It’s all in the planning!

Rosemary and Lemon shortbread dough ready to roll into delicious cookies

1st on my to do list is creating a Vegan Feast!! Yep, Vegan, it’s so much easier than you think and if you are the type of guys that have a healthy lifestyle you probably eat more vegan food than you think! So, even the meat eaters can try their hands at some of my super tasty recipes.

These two, one day courses will showcase how cooking a plant-based diet can be just as versatile and interesting as cooking with meat. The one day Vegan courses will be held on Friday 6th April & Saturday 7th April 2018 and tickets cost just £95. Guests will not only have the opportunity to watch me Demo some of my favourite dishes, but assist in the creation of each course.

It’s such great fun when the whole group get involved

Learn how to choose the freshest ingredients and seasonal favorites, and how to shop from the heart. This experience is a hommage to our local producers and artisans. I want to show you how easy it is to Shop, Cook, and Eat your way through the week with simple, easy recipes that are bursting with flavour and full of goodness. There is no better way to explore London’s oldest market than with a pro. We’ll be able to taste along the way, and talk with the traders and producers about their latest favourite ingredients. I will showcase delicious, versatile dishes from around the world—no matter where we live, markets are the soul of our culture, along with music, architecture, and all that goes with it. Wherever I am, I seek the comfort and thrill of the market. I become alive when I walk in, and it’s so inspiring, I just have to cook. I want to share this passion with you. You will be hands-on cooking with me, and I will do several demos. I want you to leave after our day together buzzing with ideas, wanting to go home and cook some more. I will cover a variety of styles, including plant-based, Mediterranean, Asian, Middle Eastern, and seasonal.

I can’t resist beautiful colours. It’s part of why I cook

We’ll be meeting at Borough Info Centre The Cookhouse is just above it, nice and easy to find!

So see you all at 9:30 Friday April 6 or Saturday April 7!!

Here’s how you can purchase your tickets!

Eventbrite Tickets – Vegan Feast

See you there!

Tasting Britain Q&A

I was recently interviewed by Tasting Britain, which features a popular series of “Q&A” profiles which I am now honoured to be a part of.
You can read the full interview here.

I recommend trying to start a Sour Dough ‘mere’

I couldn’t believe it when my 1st attempt at trying to create a sour dough ‘mere’ actually worked!

Having read SO many different recipes, methods and opinions I was dreading the entire process, it all sounded so confusing.

It has been on my list of things to do for ever and with some culinary adventures happening at my Cookery School in Burgundy this September it was essential that I master the art before my students arrive.

One of our workshops this year is spending the day with an Organic baker creating traditional breads using ‘levain’ – (sour dough) and baking in a wood burning bread oven.

Once I read through my notes and was more confused then ever I finally threw the flour in the bowl and added the clean pure (no mineral) water and stirred, covered then left in my pantry for two days without even looking at it!

Two days passed and I finally peaked in and yes, there was definitely a change, small bubbles, a faint odour of yeast and there was absolutely more in the bowl than before – could it be that it was working?

Second step – I followed the most favoured instructions, divided and fed the dough, covered and left for another 24 hrs, more bubbles appeared, it was growing!

Repeated for several days and on the 5 nothing! not a thing, flat as a pancake! Why, who knows?

Disheartened and as flat as the dough I took my students to Alexandre’s for a master baking lesson, where we rustled up some pretty awesome breads, pizza’s and brioche. It was a fabulous day and all of us were very proud of our achievements.

I left with a gift from Alexandre – a ‘souche’ from his 4 year old sour dough!

That was very kind of him, although I am not accustomed to total failure in the kitchen so was still feeling bruised about not creating my own.

However, on walking into the kitchen on our return I was met by a froth of activity from the discarded bowl of sour dough tossed in disgust into the sink before leaving that morning. It was ALIVE! Amazed and stunned I was as happy as if I’d been handed a lost kitten.

I am now obsessed with feeding it regularly, coaxing it into a volumous mass and am perfecting my sough dough bread-making skills!

Sadly, I am definitely worse than when I was feeding my babies, I’m up every 6 hours feeding it, letting it rest, feeding again, dividing, making bread, feeding again. Total maddens, it’s now like having a magic porridge pot on the go permanently.So beware, budding sour dough bakers, unless there is an AA equivalent for SD Addicts, try and keep it real, or it will take over your life, kitchen table and freezer!

So beware, budding sour dough bakers, unless there is an AA equivalent for SD Addicts, try and keep it real, or it will take over your life, kitchen table and freezer!