June 2024

Tip of the Week: Family Friendly Salmon

Encouraging your children to make healthy choices in life isn’t always easy, particularly with all the unhealthy options available at the ready. Make it a priority to make a nutritious weekly meal plan.

When you set a positive example by preparing nutrient-rich suppers, you help to build a lifetime of healthy habits.Salmon is an incredibly

Salmon is an incredibly nutrient rich food that can be very family friendly when prepared correctly. As always, be sure to purchase fresh fish.

For the kids supper, simply turn the oven on full.  Place a quarter of a salmon fillet on top of some sliced zucchini/courgettes, cherry tomatoes and some tarragon. Drizzle with a little olive oil and crack some pepper on top. Wrap into a parcel and blast in the oven for ten minutes. Take out and leave in the parcel to cook in the steam.

Voila! Supper is done. It really is that easy. Gather  the children around the table and watch the salmon disappear!